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September 08, 2020

The impact of deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan on partners and wives of military personnel

Deployment has well documented psychological consequences for military personnel. To fully understand the human cost of war, the psychosocial impact of separation and homecoming of military personnel on their families must also be considered. Recent arduous… Read more...
September 08, 2020

The Duration of Deployment and Sensitization to Stress

This article addresses conceptual and theoretical issues concerning how the duration of deployment to a combat theater of operations may impact the mental health of deployed troops. A core principle of occupational medicine, critical to this aim, is to… Read more...
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May 20, 2020

Important Research:Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrated by Australian Defence Force Personnel: an exploratory study.

My name is Rebecca Pollard from the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and I’m doing a PhD into Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Perpetrated by Australian Defence Force (ADF) Personnel. Rebecca Pollard <rebecca.deane@qut.edu.au>; Read more...
Jul 01, 2016

Partners of Veterans with PTSD

Jennifer L. Price, PhD & Susan P. Stevens, PsyD Introduction A number of studies have… Read more...
Feb 21, 2016

Effects Of Repeated Deployment

The mental and physical health consequences of service in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring… Read more...
Feb 21, 2016

The Triangle Of Care

The essence of this document is to clearly identify the six key elements required to… Read more...
Feb 21, 2016


This report presents the findings of the Rwanda Deployment Health Study, a Department of… Read more...
Feb 20, 2016

Who Cares For The Carer?

The Dunt Review 1 into mental health services in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)… Read more...
Feb 15, 2016

Stress, PTSD and Dementia

Stress, PTSD and Dementia Article
Jan 06, 2016

Suicide Research

Volume 10 - Suicide Research
Jan 04, 2016

Dunt Review Into Suicide

While there is evidence that military and similar institutionally-based ‘gatekeeper… Read more...