Friday, 10 February 2017 18:19

Ann Bettley

Ann 2


My name is Ann Bettley. I am the second of 4 children born to Paul and Christine McLaughlin. I grew up in Holmesville, NSW. During this time I participated in competition marching girls.

After completing year 12 in high school, I was employed in 1995 by the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission as a trainee Administrative Assistant.

On completion, I was employed by the NSW Department of Education and Training. I worked as an Administrative Assistant and was also responsible for fleet car management, stationery supply manager and helping co-ordinate the Apprentice of the Year Awards for 3 years.

I went on maternity leave in January 2003, and after 12 months, resigned my position to become my husband’s full-time carer.

Soccer coach at Beresfield Junior Soccer Club 2008-2010.

Treasurer of Beresfield Junior Soccer Club 2009.

Secretary Beresfield Senior Soccer 2015-2016.

Assistant Registrar Beresfield Senior Soccer 2014-2016.

Assistant Sponsorship Officer Beresfield Senior Soccer Club 2014-2015.

Canteen Manager Beresfield Senior Soccer Club 2015-2016.

Uniform Shop Manager Beresfield Public School 2014-2016.

Canteen Volunteer Beresfield Public School 2010-2015.

Red Friday Coffee Mingle Group 2015-Present.

I would like to be part of AFOM to help younger veterans and their families. To raise funds and awareness of health issues suffered by many veterans and their partners and children.